What Is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capulitis (https://www.uvmhealth.org/medcenter/P…) is when you have stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. It is a common condition that typically it affects women ages 40 through 60 and is described in three phases: the freezing phase, the frozen phase and the thawing phase. If you think you have frozen shoulder, the first step is to visit your doctor…



Dry Needling Therapy

Reduce Pain, Improve Healing and Restore Normal Tissue Function

A healthy solution for restoring injured soft tissue.
Unlike acupuncturists, who insert needles to alter the flow of energy along traditional Chinese meridians, our Denver dry needling therapists utilize a science-based treatment that promotes biomechanical and chemical changes within the muscle by utilizing the body’s own tissue healing and pain relief mechanisms…



Active Voice: Voice: Breaking Up Sitting Time—Should We Stand Up, Sit Down or Keep Moving?

Exorbitant sitting, commonly termed sedentary time, now resides as the default setting for the large majority of individuals, with those identified at high risk of chronic disease spending up to 80% of their waking time sedentary. Current physical activity guidelines now include specific recommendations to reduce and interrupt prolonged sitting…


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