Tennis Fitness

Over the past year, we have seen kids as young as 12 years with tears in rotator cuffs, tendonitis in the elbow, wrist, achilles and frightening stress fractures in the shoulders and lower back. We are seeing more and more young athletes present with limited flexibility, stability and strength…



Tennis Fitness Drills and Exercises

Most tennis players dread the process of undergoing the various intensive tennis fitness drills mentioned below, but these drills can have a substantial impact on a tennis player’s speed, agility and explosiveness on the tennis court…



Six Exercises to Improve your Tennis Game

Tennis is a deceptively difficult sport to master. While the pros may make it look like a walk in the park, a close game of tennis can push the body to overwhelming levels of exertion…



Tennis Players Fitness Training 2018 – Djokovic, Nadal, Dimitrov & More


Train Like A Tennis Player With This Conditioning Workout

If you’d like to channel their work ethic or prepare for your own competition, try this workout. You’ll notice most exercises are done while standing and focus on joint strength and mobility, since athletic training should often mimic movements of the sport.

Bodyweight exercises are a great place to start for tennis especially, so that you learn how to control your body and keep it injury-free—then add weight.

Free weights will allow you to stretch your range of motion even farther than machines allow, pushing your body to face real-life scenarios like extending a racket and bashing that ball back…



The Tennis Workout

Rory Cordial, physical therapist and performance coach incorporates these exercises to improve strength and power, while at the same time decreasing the chance for injuries. Cordial recommends using the Thera-Bands for your warm-up and integrating the rest of the exercises into your own workout routine…

Add these six exercises to your routine to bring your game to the next level…


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