People Who Play This Sport Live Longest

The answer: tennis. People who regularly play tennis have the longest life expectancy compared with people who do other activities, such as jogging, swimming, or bicycling. In fact, tennis players live an average 9.7 years longer than people who do no exercise, according to researchers of the Copenhagen City Heart Study.



Top 10 Healthiest Sports

Competition inspires us to strive for excellence and train our bodies and minds to outperform our peers. But not all sports are created equal… Now we have found the top 10 healthiest sports. The sports on this list have a low risk for causing serious injury and a high payoff in physical and mental health.

We first researched all the available data on many different sports and narrowed it down to 50, 20 and finally 10. We used a combination of internet, library, industry literature and Samir Becic knowledge as one of the leading health and fitness experts in U.S…



Why Squash Is Called the Healthiest Sport

If you’ve never tried the sport of squash, you’re about to get a wake-up call. Watch female squash champion Amanda Sobhy explain why squash is such a tough sport.


What Is The Best Sport For You? Try This Healthy Sport Index

There is no shortage of guidebooks and apps that provide not-so-useful information to help you make not-so-important decisions. An example is an app called “Is It Dark Outside” that tells you, you guessed it, whether or not it is dark outside. But at the same time there still is a shortage of guidance for some of the biggest decisions that you may make in your life.

One example has been the decision of what sports to play as a kid. If you think that this is a not big decision, I beg to differ. Whether you choose to play sports, and the sports that you play can dramatically affect the course of the rest of your life, including even potentially how long you live. Yet, there has long been a shortage of proper guidance for making this decision, that is, until now…


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