AHA: CV Benefits of Exercise Outweigh Risks for Most People

For most people, the evidence supports that regular exercise confers CV benefits, but some forms of extreme endurance exercise can be harmful to those unable to handle them, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.

“The last AHA statement on exercise risk was published 13 years ago and we’ve had an explosion of new information on the benefits and potential risks of vigorous-to-high-intensity exercise,” Barry A. Franklin, PhD, chair of the writing committee for the statement, director of preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation at Beaumont Health, Royal Oak, Michigan, and professor of internal medicine at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Rochester, Michigan, told Healio. “The mantra has changed over the last decade or so. More and more people have adapted high-volume, high-intensity exercise training programs, maybe due to the anti-aging effects and CV benefits. The mantra increasingly is that a lot of patients feel that more is better…



Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes

Sudden cardiac death is the most common medical cause of death in athletes, with an incidence of around 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 80,000 athletes per year according to the most recent estimates. The risk and causes of sudden cardiac death vary based upon the athlete population…



29% of Athletes Who Die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Have Symptoms — Here’s What to Look For

According to a new review published in CMAJ, 29 percent of athletes who died suddenly of cardiac arrest during activity experience red-flag symptoms beforehand.

While cardiac arrest and sudden death in athletes appear to be on the rise, the review concluded it is still a relatively rare occurrence.
The review looked at existing research in order to outline care and prevention of these incidents.

It seems like there are more and more cases of young, healthy people suffering cardiac arrest and sudden death during marathons. Is this really something to worry about—and what does it mean for your health at your next race?

According to a new review published in CMAJ that looked at existing research and guidelines to suggest care and prevention of these incidents, they actually remain rare occurrences, despite publicized cases of them happening: The rate of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes is just about 0.75 per 100,000 per year…


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