Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, M.D.

Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
Diplomat, American Board of Emergency Medicine
Member, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

As an emergency physician, I have treated patients in their worst hour. I have taken care of patients who have had having difficulty breathing due to heart failure and lung disease. I have seen the effects of debilitating illness wreak havoc on peoples’ quality of life. I have cared for diabetics who have lost limbs, young people with strokes, heart attack victims, and patients who have come to the ER in full cardiac arrest.

Providing these life saving measures to stabilize extreme conditions has led me to trace the etiology of disease. Why is this person in front of me so sick? What can be done to prevent this terrible situation in the first place. The answer is, sometimes nothing. But, sometimes there are ways to stave off illness through living our lives in a certain fashion.

What if I could have made a difference in preventing these debilitating conditions? Often these chronic illnesses compromise patients’ quality of life over many years. By implementing protocols to encourage physical activity, we can stave off chronic illnesses and improve one’s quality of life. Exercise as medicine is the new formula for health and keeping chronic illnesses at bay.

Planning to keep people healthy and active is just now becoming recognized as medicine. I have dedicated my life to saving people at their end-stage illnesses. Let’s work on optimizing health to enable people to live a life free of chronic illnesses and debilitation. Let’s get our bodies moving in the way they were designed to move, and in that way they will keep us healthy and functioning at their peak performance.

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Robert Roddy MBA ATC LAT

Robert Roddy is the head Athletic Trainer for MD Sports, Inc. He is a native to South Florida. In 2007, he received a bachelor’s of science degree in athletic training at Mars Hill University in North Carolina. As a former college athlete, Robert understands the concerns and demands that are involved with being a high performance athlete. He has treated, managed, and rehabbed athletes in the high school, collegiate, amateur, and general population level in South Florida for over 10 years.

His knowledge of treating injuries comes from his experience working with various sports teams from football, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. In 2017, he graduated from Keiser University with a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in healthcare administration. Robert brings a level of compassion and a quality of care to assist the athlete’s return to activities with a better quality of life.